Dear Tina, and guest author Arthur Firstenberg: Thank you for speaking up ~

"Another wild bird, number WILD10, received her transmitter on October 26. She attacked the harness holding it onto her ferociously, bit it apart, and removed it. It was found on the ground on October 28. Later, on October 28, the Bird Recovery team put a new transmitter on her. On October 29, she was lethargic and not eating. On October 30, she was “fluffed and inactive.” She was found dead on the morning of October 31....."

This is heartbreaking!

These tiny creatures -- a population of "fewer than 150 of these intelligent, long-lived little birds remain..." are literally our canaries in the mine shaft.

Humans are not the only creatures on Maui being targeted.....

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Nov 29, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023Liked by Hawaii Unites

My heart sank after reading this. The cruelty and callous disregard for other living things by these governing authorities, all in the wake of misguided and skewed 'technological progress' is unspeakable.

There are shocking parallels between the horrific plight of these beautiful little birds and all living things on Earth, including humanity. The radiation from multiple forms of electrical systems (especially telecom 3G/4G/5G+) is slowly killing us all off - faster than most people realise.

Those VHF transmitters were like radioactive leg-irons for those poor little birds. 'Smart' phones are like radioactive leg-irons for humanity. We're ALL trapped in a globalist control-grid radiation prison.

We have to expose and defy their systemic lies and their dystopian false narratives. Humanity has to unite against treacherous globalist stealth self-imprisonment and regain empowered sovereign renewal.

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